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8 Lug to 10x285.75mm Dually Hub Conversion Adaptors

 Big 8 Lug to 10x285.75mm

10x225mm to 10x285.75mm


RBP'S 2003 FORD F-550 ON FLOATS! Several Different Options To fit your Application

See the Float Page for more info.


5 Lug to 10x285.75mm

6 Lug to 10x285.75mm

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8 Lug to 10x285.75mm Dually Hub Conversion Adaptors



f3508x10.jpg (191614 bytes) cigarette3.jpg (187600 bytes) alexford.jpg (450838 bytes) toddford.jpg (209957 bytes) RBP'S 2003 FORD F-550 ON FLOATS! Kris Emerson's 2003 Super Duty F550 Skid Flatbed  2003 F-250 22.5X9 FLOATS 2003 F550 on 22.5 Vipers 12' Bed 2003 F550 on 22.5 Vipers 12' Bed Flame F350 F-350 FOR SALE 2002 Ford 550  4x4 Ford F-350 Lariat 8 inch fabtech lift.  24.5's 285-75-24.5 tires 2004 F350 owned by John Holmes  1994 F450 4WD  2004 Ford F350 4x4 22.5 classics and 255/70x22.5 Yokohamas F350 with Viper Wheels 2004F250 Landau's 2003 F350 4x4 6" lift + many extras Weth 2002 F550 at Autorama 2004 F550 4x4 22.5  2005 Ford F350 4x4   Kenworth Style Alloys  and Michelin 255/70x22.5 XD2's This truck just has a Leveling kit  f350 on Alcoa Classcs 1997 F350 for sale   1999 FORD F350 CONVERSION FORD F550  2005 Ford King Ranch F350 4x4  22.5 New style  Kenworth  Wheels and Yokohama 255/70x22.5 Y023 Tires   2004 Ford F-350  4x4 w/Trailer - Gene's Trip out west  2005  Ford F350  Polished Alcoa 19.5 and 285/70x19.5 Michelin xd2+  with leveling kit. 1999 Ford 350 4" lift 22.5 Alcoa's and Michelin 255/70x22.5 tires  Jason Moore's F-350 and Gravedigger 2004 F350  2006 ford Dually 22.5 Round hole classics and 255/70x22.5 tires 6-Door Excursion by Excalibur Absolute Plumbing 2001 F550 4x4 4.5" lift Yokohama Tires Absolutely Loaded 2002 F350 for sale 2006 F450 Serious Work Truck  Ford Short Bed Crew Cab 04 F450 12.5 INCHES OF LIFT 295/75/22.5 TOYO DRIVES, FREIGHTLINER DIRECTIONALS 2008 F450 JW302 22.5" wheel 255/70/22.5 tires


flip4.jpg (345129 bytes) chevy41.jpg (32335 bytes) Chevy 3500 4X4 2003 Chevy 24.5 wheels Adventure Highway TV / Tour Chevy with Turbine Wheels featured at SEMA Off-Road Expo, February 2005  2004 GMC 3500 Duramax Turbine Wheels BAD CHEVY 4500 OLD BODY STYLE CHEVY 79 Suburban with lifts 1999 Chevy on 22.5 2002 CHEVY 3500 4X4 1946 GMC on 19.5's Read the Story! 2006 GMC Dually 2004 Duramax with 22.5 Freightliner Directional wheels  2000 Chevy 2005 Duramax on 19.5" and Goodyear 265/70 Tires 2002 GMC Sierra 12" lift  24.5 Directional Freightliners + 295-75r24.5 Sumittumo Tires This beautiful Truck is for sale


dodge1.jpg (356943 bytes) mvc-003s.jpg (39167 bytes) 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually 1999 4WD with Fender Flares  AWESOME DODGE 4X4 AIRRIDE 2004 Dodge on 22.5" wheels 2003 DODGE 2005 Dodge 4x4 2004 Dodge 19.5" Chrome Viper style wheels with 245/70x19.5" Michelin tires 2002 Dodge 4x4 3500 with 19.5 classics and michelin 245's XDE M/S Joshua's 2004 Dodge Dually 2004 Dodge Wide Fenders Wide Dodge Fenders 2006 Dodge Mega Cab. 22.5 Alcoas and a small lift Nice new Dodge with Category "R" 8.25 x 22.5 Round Hole Classics and Michelin 255/70x22.5 XZE 99 Dodge with camper shell on 22.5's 2001 Dodge on 22.5 Vipers



black650.jpg (170491 bytes) bluesilver650.jpg (166637 bytes) grey650.jpg (164285 bytes) white650.jpg (133757 bytes) yellow650.jpg (176775 bytes) F650 LowPro Concept Truck F650 4X4 on Michelins 2005 F-350 2WD on low profile tires


CHEVY C4500 with the 22.5 X 7.5” alcoas.  I went with Goodyear “lowpro” tires as they were only 36” tall. 2005 Kodiak on 22.5's  


Machined Steel (5 Year Warranty)
Designed for serious 4WD off-road vehicles
and vehicles with lift kits and/or running wheels from 19.5" thru 24.5".
Converts 8-lug or 10-lug Dual wheel axles to10-lug on 285.75mm B.C.

Front Axle rated 7,000# load

Rear Axle rated 14,000# load

WARNING: these products may exceed the MRCC or GVW rating of your vehicle. In no case do we recommend exceeding the manufacturers' or government rating for your vehicle.

These products will allow you to convert many hubs and small or big eight lug pattern on factory or aftermarket dually axle trucks (and the 10x225mm) to the 10 lug Diesel wheel pattern the Diesel trucking industry is using on all late model trucks. There are many wheels using the 10 on 285mm lug circle in sizes 19.5 X 6.75, 7.5, 8.25 widths; also 22.5 and 24.5 dia.  In addition the adaptor supports from 6.75 thru 13.25 in. wide in the float series. This High strength product is a machined steel part, not a casting, and is designed with the close tolerances specified for concentric mountings. These parts are sold in sets of 4 for a particular make and model vehicle and will support 6 aluminum and/or steel wheels. 

Our Dominator adaptors are machined from solid steel stock and the design has been stress tested beyond 20,000# (10 tons) each. This far exceeds the recommended load carrying capacity for the applications specified. These adapters are designed to be hub located with exception of very early Ford and Dodge Duallys.

Wheels are hub located on the adaptors so there is insignificant opportunity for any eccentricity or runout due to the close tolerances specified in the machining process. Other suppliers are notorious for failures due to runout, misalignment, or strength of material. We know you're gonna like our adapters! We've never had one fail.

For pix of more than 100 variously converted trucks click here.

Top Ten reasons to convert to the Big Wheels! 

#1: Most 4x4’s are only available with high ratio gearing, and most traffic on our nation's interstate highways moves at an average cruising speed between 70 and 80 mph.

 #2: When equipped with 16" tires, the operating efficiency is out of range at those highway speeds.  For instance, in a diesel truck, the ideal operating rpm range for efficiency is usually between 1800 and 2200 rpm, and most factory truck engines will turn between 2400 and 3000 rpm at those speeds. This increases engine wear and decreases fuel economy. There is a similar situation with gasoline engines.

 #3: The overall height of a typical 16” tire on a 4x4 is about 30 inches. 245/70x19.5" tires are 33” tall and 255/70x22.5" tires are 36" tall.  Using the larger tires will reduce rpm by 10 to 20 percent. 

#4: Most vehicle owners are only getting a practical 25,000 miles from their tires before seeing decreased tire performance.  For premium tires, that’s a $1,000 bill every 25,000 miles. 

#5: Most operators will get about 80,000 to 100,000 miles of wear with 19.5” tires.  22.5” tires will usually give 200,000 miles of satisfactory performance.

#6: If you check with tire manufacturers, you will find that their tires have a four-year casing warranty.  Even if you were to put 500,000 miles on these tires in four years, having had them re-capped as necessary, the warranty would still be valid. 

#7: The ride comfort using the larger tires is better than the little 16” tires because of their larger diameter and footprint. 

#8: In the average life of your truck you may buy 6 to 10 sets of tires at about $1,00000 a set.  In addition, the lower rpm will reduce wear on your truck.  When considering the cost of replacing your truck, these savings average about $10,00000 or more.

#9: You save fuel because you are now operating in the ideal performance range of the vehicle.  This could save you between $1,000 and $3,000.  This initial investment now could save you approximately $20,000 over the life of your vehicle, provided you made the change early. 

#10: The Big Wheels and tires really look GREAT on your truck!




Lift Kit Suppliers

Performance/Speedometer Correction 

  Technical Tips and Answers to many Questions

This hub size is applicable for all 2w Drives and 4WD duallies with tire options up to 285/70x19.5.  For the 2wdrive Duallys the largest recommended size is  the 245/70x19.5 Tire.  The 4 Wdrives can handle the 265/70 or 285/70  with minor adjustments to the front suspensions. The Gm products will have problems clearing the 285/70 unless the torsion bars are severely tighten along with Front Bumper repositioning.  Remember in the Case of the GM Diesel 4x4 dually truck, torsion bar suspension tends to sag with age and use, so yearly alignments should be the protocol for maximum tire wear.

In order to use the larger tire size the  GM products really requires a 4-inch suspension lift to allow the vehicle its normal quality ride performance. It is possible to install aftermarket Torsion bar keys, and twist the bars up a lot, which requires resetting the caster and camber to achieve the clearance.  Some owners don’t mind doing this in lieu of a suspension lift, but it does require the truck working at the upper limits of the suspension, which makes the truck ride a little stiff, but it is an option if you so choose. 

Additional tips for good ride quality, we have found that the preferred air pressure in the front tires is between 40 to 60 lbs depending on the size of tire and 25 to 40 on the rear tires also depending on the size of tire.  

Now that the axle wheel and tire mass is much different in ratio to the Original Factory proportion it has be found that the ‘Nitrous Gas Shocks’ work much better because they don’t cavitate with extensive use do to the heavier tire and wheel assembly. 

Additional tips to those that prefer to supply their our wheels, be sure to have all your wheels checked prior to spending money on tire mounting and balances, The wheel trueness requirements for Big truck wheels are very wide or practically non existent. Here at TAW we discard over half of the steel 22.5 wheels and must have all the Accuride 29195pg wheels Machined true prior to tire mounting, it is an absolute must to obtain a suitable ride.  

Also remember that the taller the side wall of the tire the better the chance for a more comfortable ride, so bigger is better if you can make it work on your vehicle.  In most cases a 265/70 will go twice the distance in tire wear as a 245/70, some of our customers are in the mid 200,000 zone with no intention of retiring.  With over 1000 customers on the road with this system we have only sold one spare tire to date since 1993, how incredible is that! 

Single Wheel High Load 22.0 

The 2 & 4WD ¾ and 1-ton vehicle now can also utilize the Alcoa mini float wheel that is modified to 22.0x9.50 with the corporate 10 on 285mm lug circle for High strength applications.  

With the every increasing variety of low profile tires that are becoming more available such as the Toyo 325/50/22.5 fun county series. These systems must use our specially designed Float adapter, which has been design to be universal to all 3/4 and 1-ton trucks built from 1967 to 2005. Therefore the buyer is not trapped with one application when changing truck Manufacturer. 

  4X4 Single Wheel Mini Float 22.5

 This by far is the Crème Della Crème of the single wheel application.  The Alcoa 893631 22.5x9.0 wheel is designed for loads up to 9000# each the adaptor system is tested to 10,000 each and most tires suitable for the use on 4x4’s has maximum loading capability of 6000# each and upwards.  

Tire and wheel failures are non-existent unless something incredible is introduced, The use of the superior tires as the Michelin 255/70x22.5 XD2 can give estimated tire wear near 300,000 with periodic rotation and truck suspension maintenance. This size is suitable for most 4x4’s that have no lift assist with the exception of a leveling kit in the front end to allowing for the additional weight of the diesel engine, usually require  a mild suspension lift of approximately 4 inches or a maximum adjustment of the torsion bars for adequate tire clearance.  

It is recommended that Superior Shocks be used when using larger tires and wheel assemblies.  The ratio at the axle of tire wheel versus truck mass has changed significantly and standard hydraulic shock absorbers will become overworked on extended drives and fail to provide the ride comfort necessary.  Nitrous Gas shocks seem to be the best answer for this application. 

22.0  AND 24.0 Wheel and Tire Options 

This is not a Slam-dunk setup by no means; these wheel kits are built to ideally fit the Dually truck common to just a few preferred tire sizes. Of course there is an ever-increasing variety of tires being offered on the market everyday. There seems to be three distinct categories of low profile users. One is the slammed truck user that incorporates air bags and modified wheel wells and perhaps a tubbed bed, the second is the everyday rider that prefers a 3” by 5” or a 5” by 7” lowering kit as seen on the Black F350 on the front Page, and the third is the 4x4 trucks that are using the incredible 50 and 55 series off road tires that go up to 40 inches tall in the 22 size rim. We have been providing wheel kits for all these applications.  However the most important consideration is that the wheel house width. On most all duallies the inside clearance is only 22 inch. The smallest 22,0 tire is 10 inches in width and they go up to 13 inches in width, allowing a minimum of ½ inch from the inner and out well and about one inch between the tire, this puts even the smallest tires to use up all the available space.

 For the larger tire user we provide fiberglass flares that attach to the outside of the dually fender and when painted blend into the fender so uniquely that it gives a factory appearance, so the wider tires won’t load up your rear view mirror or mud up you truck, there are some concessions you must make to look Cool. We also make a wide a fiberglass fender with the flares built on to them for the conversion enthusiasts.  The factory fenders are generally plastic or impacted fiberglass, which is very difficult to modify and if accomplished not durable.  Fiberglass Fenders can be cut and resectioned to suite the users needs, and will last until destroyed or modified. 

This system also utilizes the steel Dominator adapter that provides the added strength at the flange for both wheels to be supported. Over the years we have built and test many, so rely on our experience.

Technical Tip 

Currently all the late Model dual wheel trucks have hub located wheels, this requires the wheels to center on the machined portion of the axle, allowing the wheels to be trapped and tightened by the washer base lug nuts. This machined area is barely over ½ inch and was designed for one or two steels wheels and one steel and one aluminum. Most all aluminum wheels have at least a ¾ center thickness or more, therefore if aluminum is used on the inside the outside wheel will not center.   

The use of the steel adapters solves that shortfall and allows for wheel centering in the use of 19.5, 22.0,22.5,24.0 and 24.5’s whether you use 1 steel and one aluminum or 2 aluminum wheels, all are centered by the bore.    

Technical  Information 

Wheel setups for above applications are very special. We have developed the proper method to machine the big wheels, so they can work properly on the Dually trucks. Each wheel position shares a unique machining process, to make any and all allowances so the tire will be clear of interference. The best suggested tire size for this application is a 295/40x24 built by Pirelli, but there is limited production in that tire size, the next most readily available tire is the 305/35x24.5. In many other brands, the problem with the larger size is that clearance can be an issue and the short sidewall lends to rim jam punctures in the tire and these babies are expensive. In the building process fronts are dedicated fronts and out rears are dedicated outside rears and inside wheels are made to do their job there. Our setup eliminates running your factory tire on the inside. That was ok in the 90”s but it just not cool to do it that way anymore. There is a lot of machine work that has to be perform to make this wheels work. The tolerances on truck wheels are just not good enough to just mill a wheel to 24.0. The wheels must be trued by machining all the Flanges normal to the bead of the tire. And the Flanges also must be reduced to allow closer tire separation.  So before you jump off and ruin $2000.00 worth of wheels, call us for a price, I think we are reasonable for service to machine and polish your wheels.


Balancing Techniques

I know that there are a lot of uneducated folks out there that just don’t realize the effort that we here at TAW put into making these Packages work well for the customer.  

The general specs for standard truck tires are far too wide for our acceptable standards. We have spent many hours searching for the merchandise that will give the light truck a more than acceptable ride. 

The conversion over to the big tires and wheels is a considerable investment and it certainly needs to be justified for most all consumers.  Our assembly department is under constant scrutiny of round tires and straight wheel. The use of the Internal Balancing Media called “Equal” has allowed  our customers to ride maintenance expense free for the life of the tire. “Equal” is a Polymer media that is placed inside the tire to maintains the ideal balance as the tire wears. Therefore when purchasing you new wheels that are polished on both sides, so that simple  rotation is all that is required to obtain the long range mileage from your tires.


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